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“Ignite Your Business”  Program


6 week, Entrepreneurship Skills and Business Management Program designed for Entrepreneurs,   Managing Directors and Business Executives that teaches how to build and grow a successful business

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“Sabre Success Plan” Program


6 week, Corporate Leadership Development Program that is designed for Executives and Management and   focuses on building a highly productive, effective and motivated team that is focused and driven to   achieve the Corporate Strategy.

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Sabre Mastermind Program


24 Month, one on one Coaching and Mentorship program that is designed to guide Business   Leaders and Executives to build a successful business and career while at the same time, building a   successful life.

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Customer Service Excellence Workshop


Customer Service is one of the fundamental keys to building a successful business in our modern world.   We cover the Fundamentals of Customer Service Excellence in a 1 day Group training session.

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Sabre “21st Century Leadership” Program

Module Leadership Development Program that builds the fundamentals of 21st Century Leadership in   Executives and Management to take your team to new heights collaboration, focus and motivation.

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Successful Sales and Marketing in the 21st Century Workshop

6 Modules of a Business Development Program that teaches the fundamental skills of successful Sales and Marketing in the 21st Century.

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Customized Training Programs

We provide Customised Business Success and Personal Effectiveness Training Programs that are   designed to suit an individual client’s specific requirements including Customer Service, Sales, Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Systems, Strategy, Accounting, Personal Effectiveness, Grooming and more as well as facilitating powerful and fun leadership and teambuilding activities.

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